Valley Hay Sales has been producing quality forages in the Priddis – Millarville Turner Valley area since 1977. We primarily produce Timothy or Timothy Alfalfa in small square bales. All of our small square bale production is stored inside large hay sheds ensuring a long term quality product. Our square product offering of Timothy and Timothy Alfalfa is highly reputable with horse owners and stables worldwide. Through an understanding of the nutrient needs of performance horses we ensure quality product through: proper field husbandry, field cleaning of any foreign species and adding nutrients into the soil regularly. One of our key strengths is the ability to store 100+ bales in hay sheds.

Valley Hay Sales also produces a number of round hay horse bales. Small square straw bales are also available upon request.

NOV 2019 - We are currently offering small quantity purchases of Timothy square bales on site by appointment. Minimum of 10 bales for pick up only. Please contact us directly at 403.931.2232 to arrange.








All of the Valley Hay inventory is stored in sheds; research shows no deterioration of quality year over year when properly stored. 


NOVEMBER 2019 - We have hay available for sale. Mid August harvest. Minimum 160 bales per load. $7 - $13 per bale + delivery. Available until sold out.


Mixed Grass/Alfalfa Hay - small squares 



Timothy Hay - small squares



Round Bales - limited quantities available


Order & Delivery #403.933.2674




"...we are one of the lucky barns supplied by you. Thank you for all you do for us and our horses; our clients and animals are so happy." SugarTide Equestrian Inc.



"I woke up this morning with a weight off my mind. I'm so happy I have grass hay for my laminitis prone horse. I was starting to worry. Thank You! I'm about 10 bales short but yours bales are huge so I think I will be ok. Thank you for giving me time and treating me so well. So many others wouldn't give me the time of day because my order was so small. Take care, have a good year!" Sara Oliver.


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