Timothy Hay
Timothy Hay is grass hay and has a high roughage content necessary for good digestion. The fine stem and consistent quality allows good consumption and provides basic protein levels of 7 – 10%

Timothy Hay/Alfalfa Mix
Alfalfa Hay is a legume superior in protein to other forage crops because it is high in crude protein and energy reducing the need for other protein supplements. In combination Timothy and Alfalfa make a popular performance horse feed giving the perfect amount of balanced fiber and protein so that the digestive tract will function normally. Generally our ratio of Timothy to Alfalfa is 70-30% with protein levels of

Quality Versus Price
Always check when comparing prices you are comparing your bale weights and product quality. If you are a Valley Hay Sales customer, we guarantee your 12 month supply.

Note: There are no chemicals or hay preservatives used on any Valley Hay products