Consistent Soil

Having soil that is high in nutrients contributes to the consistent production and therefore throughout the harvesting process, it keeps quality consistent.


The fields are rotated on average, every five years and oats are grown in rotation for two years to help the recycling of the fields to provide the inputs necessary for consistent production.


During the two year rotation the organic compost has been added to the soils to enhance the organic matter, as well fields through this process are cultivated to eliminate foreign speices, therefore providing a more consistent end product. Soils are tested annually, as well as satellite imagery is used to keep fields consistently productive.


Consistent Harvesting Methods

Weather permitting, early cutting allows for a high quality product and increases the digestibility and protein. We also use macerating rollers during the cutting process to soften the hay which speeds up the drying process and also seems to increase digestibility. Consistent production allows for consistent dry down time therefore helping to eliminate moldy spots in bales.


Consistent Baling Process

Valley hay uses new centerline balers that produce a very consistent package in weight and flakes. As well, we weigh on average 50% of the bales (50,000 bales) on government scales annually . This gives us a very exact bale weight, therefore giving our customer more value knowing the tonage they are receiving.


Valley Hay, uses to our knowledge, the best twine in the industry. This results in less broken bales delivered to our customers, which in turn means less waste. Valley Hay also has the ability to store over 100,000 bales under roof and on plastic, which eliminates end rot which can be a common problem in tarped stacks; this also eliminates bad bottom bales.


Consistent Delivery

Delivery is provided with a tandem axel retriever truck and is available 365 days a year. This tandem axel truck is legal throughout the year therefore avoiding any interruption of delivery.


Consistent Feed makes for Consistent Performance which makes Professional Champions!




“Much appreciate the ongoing superior quality and service offered. Appreciate the continued great price and flexible delivery.”

- Brian McCloskey
South Ridge Stable – Blackie, AB

“A truly professional way of dealing with horse hay…great product….great people”

- Saddle Ridge Ranch
Barrie, ON

“Congratulations to Valley Hay on your 40th Anniversary! Many thanks to Bob, Mike and Graham and staff for your reliable service and quality product. I wish you all continued success and prosperity for the coming years. All the best from me and my horses.”

- Memory Nelson
Bragg Creek, AB